Elite Tank Configuration Examples

The Elite Tank System can be configured in virtually any combination to support your District’s unique needs.  The Basic System is the simplest configuration to get started with two tanks supported by one filter system.  Depending on your grow-out, over-wintering and quarantine operations, tanks and filters can be installed to isolate your gambusia stock by age and deliver medication in a controlled and measured fashion.  Contact us today for assistance designing a custom solution for your district.  There’s no additional charge for our design service!

Remember we designed this system to be modular.  You can buy what you need now and expand later as your gambusia program develops.

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Reminder: The systems shown below are examples and can be customized to fit your specific requirements!

Contact us today for free system design consultation!

Basic System

  • One Elite Filter
  • Two Elite Tanks
  • Shared circulation between both tanks
  • Can be used for holding adult stock ready for deliver, basic breeding or to over-winter a ready stock for springtime
  • Use with a birthing box and tank dividers to create a breeding system

Quarantine System

  • Two Elite Filters
  • Two Elite Tanks
  • Independent circulation for each tank
  • Isolate wild fish from production stock
  • Control medication delivery
  • Add birthing boxes and tank dividers as needed

Lifecycle System

  • Complete lifecycle support including: Birthing, Grow Out, Staging and Quarantine
  • Three Elite Filters
  • Four Elite Tanks
  • Birthing box and tank dividers for breeding and development
  • Staging tank(s) for adult fish ready for delivery
  • Isolated Quarantine tank and filter for medicating wild fish

Advanced System

  • One Elite Filter + Two Elite Tanks per operational phase
  • Supports birthing, grow out, staging and quarantine
  • Increased production capacity for medium sized VCD’s
  • Expand as necessary for larger VCD operations