Why choose the Elite System by Gambusia Solutions?


Ease of Installation

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The Elite system is designed to be as easy as possible to install. Because the system is modular in design, installing the system is simply a matter of connecting the selected filter system to the appropriate tanks. Each filter system is pre-plumbed and marked so there is no confusion as to where each part of the filter system is placed. Each tank also comes pre-plumbed with most features already in place. The whole system couldn’t be easier to install.


Ease of Operation

The Elite system was specifically designed for commercial applications. Much of the system can be automated to help reduce labor costs and to provide a consistent and healthy environment for the fish. Though the whole system is very high tech, it is still surprisingly simple to operate, making it easy to train new employees to run it.


Ease of Maintenance

Both the filtration system and the tanks are designed to make any maintenance to the system as simple as possible. Each piece of equipment that makes up the filtration system is plumbed with unions so that in the event a pump, blower or ultraviolet light were to ever fail, a technician could easily replace it within 15 minutes without any technical training or cutting of pipes. Additionally, because of the unique design of the Elite Electrical Control Tower, all electrical connections are “plug in” connections. This removes the need for an electrician if any equipment needs replacing.