Gambusia Solutions is a division of Sacramento Koi.

Sacramento Koi has been a leader in the koi industry for over 10 years. We design and manufacture the Advantage Bead Filter System which is considered to be one of the premier filtration systems for high quality koi ponds today. Additionally, our pond design plans displayed on our website have become a standard in the industry. In 2004 Sacramento Koi opened a pond construction division. The purpose of the construction division was to thoroughly test our products to make sure they performed the way they were designed to. The pond construction division was also extremely useful in helping us to better understand what else was needed in the industry. This led to the Advantage line of products which ranges from bottom drains to skimmers. The latest product to be released by Sacramento Koi is the Advantage GROW system. A system that automatically performs regular precise water changes.

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Gambusia Solutions represents Sacramento Koi’s movement into the vector control industry. We bring with us all the knowledge and experience we have learned over the years as to how to properly design systems for successfully raising fish in a closed system. The Gambusia Solutions Elite Filtration System is an example of that experience. This filter is designed specifically for raising small fish for vector control whether they be guppies (Poecilia Reticulata) or mosquitofish (Gambusia Affinis). We are also working to develop a whole series of various sized complete systems including tanks, filtration systems and aeration for raising Gambusia to fill any districts need. Each system will be designed to be both as easy to install and maintain as possible.

Steve Walker – President of Gambusia Solutions